About Us

4MyBuddy is a Canadian business based in Kawartha Lakes. We manufacture Wellness Products and Accessories for dogs.  We are all dog owners who love our pets and consider them part of the family. 

VISION: To improve the health and wellness of dogs.

MISSION: To develop innovative products for dogs that are All Natural, easy to use, safe and effective.

Our Wellness Product Line was developed by a PhD Chemist with over 30 years experience in Oral Care Research & Development. 

Our best selling product is our Natural No Brush Dental Spray.  We identified an issue loving dog owners were having finding a convenient product they could use to do daily dental care.  Dental Sprays offered an easier and more dog friendly application than traditional toothbrush and toothpaste.  Dogs do not get cavities like humans - they need a product that will kill the plaque bacteria in their mouth. It was important to us to develop a Dental Spray that was All Natural and Alcohol Free. The ingredients were chosen because they were proven effective by multiple scientific studies and are safe for dogs.

Overview of the gum disease process in dogs:

  • bacteria in the dog's mouth bind together to form a sticky biofilm on the teeth called plaque.
  • plaque bacteria produce sulphur compounds which are the source of bad breath.
  • plaque is mineralized by saliva to form tartar.
  • tartar irritates gums allowing plaque bacteria to get below the gum line.
  • the bacteria will eat the bone holding the dogs tooth which causes the tooth to loosen and fall out.

First Defence Dental Spray stops the chain reaction at the beginning by killing the plaque bacteria.

Gum disease is already present in 2 year old dogs.  The following graph of data from a study of 408 pet dogs at an urban Vet hospital shows the alarming increase of gum disease, tartar and tooth loss with age.


At some point professional cleaning by a Vet becomes the only option - at great expense and requires the dog to be put under anaesthesia.

Poor dental health can affect the general health of your dog.  Once dogs have gum disease the bacteria can enter the bloodstream causing inflammation and damage to internal organs.

Take a few extra seconds to add the plaque killing power of First Defence Dental Spray to your dog's tooth brushing regimen, water drop regimen or other oral care for even better results.



Safety and Efficacy of First Defence Dental Spray

The ingredient peppermint oil contains the active component menthol.  Thyme oil contains the active component thymol and eucalyptus oil contains eucalyptol.  There are over 300 published studies using these ingredients in oral care individually or in combination in products from toothpastes to tooth varnishes to mouthwashes.  There are over 150 published human clinical studies using products that contain at least the combination of menthol, thymol and eucalyptol. This is more than any other combination.  Most of the clinical studies use the products as adjunctive therapy.  This means a regimen of brushing and flossing is compared to brushing and flossing and the new product.  Adding products to brushing and flossing ie usual oral care and still showing reductions of plaque and gingivitis up to 40% is a high bar of efficacy. Unfortunately there are very few published studies of any product used in dogs.  Therefore we have to rely on human studies.  Fortunately humans and companion dogs share many of the same plaque bacteria and those that are different have been show to be susceptible to antimicrobials.  We have excluded any human oral care ingredients that are not well tolerated by dogs.  These include alcohol, wintergreen (methylsalicylate) and xylitol.  The human products have been used for over 100 years and have millions of person years of actual use.  Therefore our product is both safe and effective.


Please send us an email to obtain the list of over 300 published literature references.